Lepty energy storage

Deliver clean, safe and powerful energy anywhere

Lepty develops the most efficient aluminum-air battery that use metal to store and generate clean electricity


1.000 Wh / kg


Zero emission


Non-flammable and non-explosive

Swappable battery
for long range applications

We design the most energy dense swappable battery.

For instance : one cabin luggage sized Lepty battery allows 400 km range with a car.

Easy to swap, you save a lot of time on recharge.

Once empty, Lepty batteries are refilled with aluminum and the wasted metal is 100 % recycled.

Long range

7x conventional batteries

Fast recharge

Less than 5 minutes

No charging station needed

Less investment

Lepty vs Lithium-ion vs H2

Lepty is both the lighter and most compact technology

Specific energy (kWh / kg)

Lithium-ion | 150 Wh / kg

H2 | 750 Wh / kg

Lepty | 1 000 Wh / kg

Energy density (kWh / L)

Lithium-ion | 200 Wh / L

H2 | 300 Wh / L

Lepty | 1 300 Wh / L

In other words, one Lepty swappable battery replaces 7 conventionals Lithium-ion batteries

Aluminum as energy storage

Aluminum production consume electricity. Lepty metal-air technology releases the abundant energy contained in aluminum, resulting in a sustainable and profitable value chain, where energy is stored where it is abundant, clean and cheap, and released where it is most needed.

  • 2019
    Martin and Hugo started Lepty project in partnership with professor Fabrice Mauvy from ICMCB in Pessac.
  • 2020 - 2021
    Aquitaine Science Transfert supports the technology developement with 400 000€ fundings.
  • Mid 2021
    We reach 15 watts power with one cell using our self-made cathode.
  • End of 2021
    Lepty joins Unitec, one of the main start-up support structures in the Bordeaux area and Nouvelle-Aquitaine.


Martin Aurientis


De formation d'ingénieur, je suis passioné de sciences et nouvelles technologies. J'ai démarré le projet Lepty afin de contribuer à la transition énergétique et permettre le développement de nouvelles applications à la fois performantes et respectueuses de l'environnement.
Ph.D. in chemistry from the university of Bordeaux, my scientific research is driven by innovation and sustainable development. Looking for a new challenge, I joined Lepty that shares my convictions and will participate to the move to alternatives energy sources of transport.

Hugo Barès